Chili Cook-off Info - Sunday, June 14

Get out your secret recipes as an American tradition comes to Zurich for the 2nd Annual Zurich Chili Cookoff!  The cookoff is open to all and will be held on Sunday, June 14 from 1 to 6 pm, at the Sihlwald BesucherZentrum (Visitors Center) at the picnic pavilion.  For those with more of a sweet tooth, this year we expand the cookoff to include a Cookie Bake-off (see info below) for bakers young and old!  Enjoy live music from Black Cat Chill. Several craft beers will be available for sampling as well.  The event will be held either rain or shine as there is a large pavilion covered area. 

The cook-off is also for families, as there's a large playground and a barn with farm animals adjacent to the pavilion and face painting for children.  After the competition winner is named, all chili entries will be available for all to sample!  Please bring your own food and drinks to the picnic. There are several open-pit fires with wood available for barbecue and many picnic tables. Also, there's a new cafe at the Besucherzentrum / Visitor’s Center with food & drinks available.

The cook-off is open to all and is a non-profit, we ask for a voluntary donation of 10 chf per person (without chili entry) or 20 chf for chili entry (one person and chili entry), all proceeds going to Kalangarai Indian Widow charity.

Why Chili?

Nothing brings people together like good food!  Passion, pride, a fun time all for a good cause, we bring a classic American tradition here to Switzerland.  Whether you are creating a chili for the first time, last year’s winner, or just coming to sample and have a good time…everyone’s welcome!   So bring out any old secret recipes or search the internet for insider tips to find that winning recipe!  Chili recipes of all types are accepted...beef, vegetarian or any other inventive combo.

Rules of Entry

All winners will receive trophies and UNLIMITED bragging rights for ONE year.

•       A Chili should LOOK GOOD, SMELL GOOD and TASTE GOOD! The following criteria will be used by our less-than-expert judge panel: Color, Aroma, Consistency, Taste, and Aftertaste
All Chilies will be available for sampling after judging is completed

GOOD LUCK and we look forward to seeing you at the cookoff!

Bake off Info & Rules

The overall winner will receive a trophy, the remaining winners a certificate, all with UNLIMITED bragging rights for ONE year
Cookies will be judged based on General Appearance, Internal Appearance, Taste, Flavor and Smell
After judging is complete, all cookies will be available for sampling

A special thanks to our sponsors for this year's event:
Please let us know if you are interested to help sponsor, contact us below.  

1.00 - Gates Open
2.30 - Cut off for Chili Check-in
3.00 - Cut off for Bake off Check-in
4.00 - Winners announced and Open Tasting for all begins


    Do I make the chili at home or at the event?
    Please make the chili at home, reheat at the event

    How much chili should I make?
    A reasonable size pot is fine, enough for judges to sample and for the crowd to have a good taste.

    Chili's great, but what about side dishes for my chili?
    Creativity in chili dishes is strongly encouraged...  

    I'm a vegetarian...can I enter?
    Yes!  Creativity is encouraged, vegetarian, vegan, and all types!
    we will have several electric heating elements/burners to reheat before the judges & crowd sample

    Do I need to enter the competition in order to attend, or can I come along for the fun & taste? 
    No need to enter the cookoff or bakeoff, all are welcome, but of course it does make it a lot more interesting and fun to enter either competition!

    So...should I bring other food than Chili to eat?
    Chili from the competition will be available after judging for sampling (around 4pm).  Best to bring some a picnic or bbq along as well especially if you have a family.  Several fire pits and wood are available for use (bring starters).  Also, there's a restaurant at the visitors center with food & drink.

    Judges, what's the criteria to become one?
    The prior year's winner will be one of the judges for the upcoming cookoff.  The other judges have proved their worthy through years of training and chili appreciation!  Given the huge efforts and heart that contestants put into their chili, we make sure the judging is fair.

    What if it rains?
    The event is at a large outdoor pavillon, so rain or shine the cookoff will go on!

    How can I help Kalangarian (Indian Widow Charity) or find out more?
    We will have info at the event for those interested

    I love chili and the idea, how can I help?
    Contact us at the event or write us below and help us organize next year's event.  Our hope is to build up the event further each year.

    The Sihlwald visitor’s center can be reached via the S4 or via Auto  Google Maps Directions


    All proceeds from this year’s Chili Cookoff will go towards Project Kalangarai, supporting Indian Widows in the Nagapattinam district on the east coast of India. Click here for more information.
    For more information, please contact via email:

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